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 Ban Appeal

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal   Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:45 am

Player Name:}{onors2]{onner

Player Guid: CD450600F4D786F01448BEF2DFE765E0 00:19:66:A6:0D:XX

Date of the ban:June5th 2009 I think

Reason You Feel The Ban Should be Lifted:I am a clean player always have been. I assume I'm per ban for the linked accounts i have. But these accounts are easily proven not mine. I am linked to this guy through an old ip address :StrangeChick 72220E7981FA93716D902DEE6B9194E9 00:21:5C:28:BE:XX for my ip isn;t static changes all the time.and also linked to this guy:18^Girl^SUCKS&BLOWS 867DD3EE45BE3336F5281D5E49651F5B 00:15:F2:E2:E9:XX easily proven not mine, ban issued from winconsin usa, I'm from barrie ontario canada.
Now if you guys don't allow people with links at all on your server that is simply not fair for it is very easy to get linked if your ip isn't static. if any of your clanmates do not have a static ip its just a matter of time before they get one. It would be much appreciated if you guys can make an acception in this case. Having links has been a real headache since there is very few bridge servers i can still play on for this reason. Many clans don't bother to look closey to see if the bans are theirs or not. Feel free to have me check throught aci or aon i'm sure they'll come back with a clean answer for i have done 1 throught aon and they responsed that i was clean. anyway ty for your time
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Ban Appeal
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