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 Regarding =CMW= linked accounts

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PostSubject: Regarding =CMW= linked accounts   Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:11 am

Quote :

After careful research I have been able to establish that =CMW= Clan is clean.

A number of players are linked to a banned account
Name: -cmw-nicjt322
GUID: 531DC2C23C10B12D0139709DB7468060
This linking is the result of a number of clan members playing in an internet cafe owned by one of the members.

Name: =CMW=Twiztid=
GUID: 9D185B90ACA01B60D425649055B0538D is the owner of the account above and used that account in the cafe on a computer that was used by by a number of members of his clan. =CMW=Twiztid= is no longer a member of the =CMW= clan.

It is my belief that the other members of the clan were not aware of the ban and have been linked to the account as a result of playing on the same computer on their own accounts. As a result these players are linked by ip and mac to the banned account.

The links will not be removed, however this should be accepted as to how the links occurred.

Should anyone have any questions in relation to the statement above they can contact me by pm.

-{DvT}OZ (Dave)
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Regarding =CMW= linked accounts
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